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Training School 2


The second geological storage of CO2 training school for CAGS phase 2 was held in Nanjing, China from 14th to 17th of May 2014. The school was hosted by the Productivity Center of Jiangsu Province , with assistance from the Administrative Centre for China's Agenda 21 and Geoscience Australia.

The training school was attended by 50 delegates, including 30 students and 20 experts. The 18 presentations given at the school were divided into 5 sessions covering a wide range of CO2 geological storage topics, including 1) CCUS overview, 2) onshore and offshore geological storage and capacity assessment, 3) risk assessment and monitoring, 4) CCS social and economic issues, and 5) current CCS projects.

The school was conducted in English and the Chinese students demonstrated excellent English skills in the training school. Even though some students found expressing their ideas in English quite demanding, they embraced this challenge.

All attendees actively participated in the school. Several students expressed openly that they gained valuable knowledge from the school. One student commented the training school made her realised that CCS technology was no longer a pie in the sky, as it has been considered as one of the solutions to deal with climate change. While the students appreciated this opportunity to learn directly from CCS experts, the presenters were impressed by the students' enthusiasm and innovative ideas. Formal evaluation conducted at the end of the school showed a high level of satisfaction at the content, structure and logistics of the school.