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Technical Workshop 2


CAGS2 Workshop 2 was hosted by the Shanghai Advanced Research Institute in Shanghai from 11 to 13 May 2014. It was attended by approximately 50 delegates from China, Australia, US and UK. The main participating organisations from China included: China's Ministry of Science and Technology, The Administrative Centre for China's Agenda 21, Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Center for Hydrogeology & Environmental Planning, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics, China Academy of Sciences, and Xinjiang University. Overseas organisations participating in the workshop included: Geoscience Australia, Global CCS Institute, CO2CRC, Australian National Low Emissions Coal Research and Development, British Geological Survey and the University of Texas at Austin.  

The workshop covered various aspects of the geological storage of CO2 and a session was dedicated to reporting on the five CAGS-funded research projects. The workshop was held in English and Chinese, with excellent simultaneous interpretation service. The participants were able to contribute to lively discussions in their native languages.

Feedback from participants indicated that the event was successful in bringing together Chinese and international researchers and providing updates on storage projects (experimental as well as demonstration) being conducted around the world. The GCCSI presentation illustrated the difficulty of getting projects to final investment decision but remained optimistic about the potential for new projects.  The Gorgon CO2 Injection Project is being watched with keen interest as it will be the world's largest storage project by annual injected volume once it starts.

CAGS Workshop 2 participants 

Program [PDF 6.5 MB]

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Session 1 - Current Status of CCUS

Session 2 - CAGS Research Projects