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Dr Matt Myers (CSIRO- China University of Petroleum, Beijing)

In June 2017, Dr Matt Myers attended the CAGS3 workshop in Urumqi, Xinjiang and he also assisted with the teaching component of the CAGS3 CCUS school held at Xinjiang University.

From 13 August – 27 September 2017, Matt Myers undertook his exchange in China, hosted by Prof Bo Peng at the China University of Petroleum in Beijing, where he worked with researchers on X-ray CT imaging of core samples and the development of research plans to collaborate in the areas of chemical tracers and core flooding. These plans include the publication of several papers related to chemical tracers and possible submission of joint funding proposals related to experimental studies on CO2 clathrates. He also visited Sinopec in Beijing where he met with staff and gave talk.

During his exchange, he visited researchers working in CCS related area in Shanghai, Wuhan, Guangzhou and Qingdao. He visited Prof Qi Li, Prof Keyu Liu, Prof Jingquan Liu and many others. The aim of these visits was to identify and  develop collaborations in the CCS related areas of environmental monitoring, chemical tracers and core flooding. The trip to Wuhan has already resulted in  the submission of a seed funding proposal to the State Key Laboratory of Geomechanics and Geotechnical Engineering. The aim of this project would be to conduct X-ray CT/MRI based core flooding experiments using highly heterogeneous core samples representative of potential storage reservoirs in China.

In Shanghai, he visited Fudan University and the Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility and In Guangzhou, he visited the UK-China Guangdong CCUS Centre and learned about their plans for onshore CO2 capture from a power plant and offshore injection of CO2 for EOR. In Guangzhou, he also visited Prof Pengchun Li at the Key Laboratory of Marginal Sea Geology.