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Dr Quan “Sam” Xie (Curtin University- China University of Petroleum, Beijing)

Dr Quan Xie visited the School of Petroleum Engineering, China University of Petroleum (Beijing), from 1 September to 1 December 2017. Dr Xie worked with Prof Xinwei Liao and his team on the effect of changes in net effective pressure on multiphase flow during CO2 storage, which has significant environmental and technical implications. His research included assessing CO2 storage potentials in China’s Songliao and Ordos basins, and Australia’s Gippsland and Otway basins. Dr Xie, in collaboration with Prof Liao, investigated how net effective pressure influences solubility trapping, residual trapping and the CO2 plume migration during COsequestration.

During the exchange, Dr Xie shared his research expertise with researchers at CUPB and fostered opportunities for future collaboration. Dr Xie  presented seminars on CO2-assisted EOR techniques and scientific writing techniques, with more than 40 people attended. He also met with researchers from the Petroleum Geomechanics Group at CUPB and discussed CO2 sequestration potential in shale gas and shale oil reservoirs, with particular focuses on reservoir integrity, structural trapping, and EOR. This exchange visit has promoted further collaboration between Curtin University and CUPB, and will be beneficial for CCUS research in China and Australia.