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Xufeng Li (Center for Hydrogeology and Environmental Geology Survey, China Geological Survey – Geoscience Australia)

Supported by CAGS, Xufeng Li visited Geoscience Australia (GA) from 30 September to 28 November, 2017 in Canberra. Xufeng Li focused his research on hydrogeological mapping of carbon dioxide enhanced water recovery (CO2-EWR) in Junggar Basin together with Dr Andrew Feitz, the leader of the CCS research team at GA.

Mr Li worked closely with GA researchers who recently produced the highly acclaimed Hydrogeological Atlas of the Great Artesian Basin. Their experience and expertise greatly assisted  Li in developing a hydrogeological map of Junggar Basin in China. His work included the following tasks:

  • Firstly, the hydrostratigraphic sequenced was developed by grading basin layers according to porosity, permeability and groundwater yielding;
  • Secondly, preliminary maps for the atlas were produced using key hydrogeological maps, hydrostratigraphic unit maps and hydrochemistry maps of the regional aquifers; and
  • Thirdly, sections of maps were populated by using existing data, including topography, geology, shallow and deep hydrogeology, geothermal, burial depth isoline of typical stratum from Quaternary to Paleogene.

Xufeng Li was very grateful to be invited by GA to participate in the groundwater sampling fieldwork of the Nulla Basalt Province Drilling Program in Charters Towers in Northern Queensland. He gained invaluable knowledge on organisational process of hydrogeological fieldwork, groundwater sampling technologies and quality control requirements. Li also attended the CO2CRC Members' R&D Workshop in Melbourne and ISO TC265 meeting in Sydney, which were useful to improve his understanding of the progress and planning of Australia's CCS research and writing standards.

Xufeng Li participating in the Queensland groundwater sampling & visiting Geoscience Australia