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CAGS 1 Research

CAGS is supporting three research projects focusing on various aspects of geological storage of CO2. These include developing site selection and assessment criteria for saline aquifers and oil and gas fields relevant to China; COenhanced oil recovery; and investigations into the environmental health and safety and risks associated with geological storage (including leakage and monitoring).

Research Project 1: Site Selection Methodology and Criteria for CO2 Geological Storage

This study aims to develop the new methodology of site selection for COstorage, which is suitable in Chinese sedimentary basins. The research work includes three parts: the definition of site selection steps, development of selection methodology and criteria, and a case study in the Liaohe Oil Field.

Research Project 2: Selection Criteria for Oil/gas Reservoirs for CO2 EOR and Geological Storage

This project intends to develop selection criteria of oil/gas reservoirs for COEOR and storage, including geological characteristics, Oil/gas reservoirs characteristics; Oil/water/COproperties in the reservoir and CO/water/rock interaction.

Research Project 3: Studies on Environmental Impact and Risk Management of CO2 Storage

This project intends to produce policy recommendations for environmental impact assessment and risk management of COstorage.