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CO2 Geological Storage: Target Area Selection and Evaluation Method

Organisation: Centre for Hydrogeology and Environmental Geology, China Geological Survey


  • To investigate the screening methods and the selection criteria for ranking target areas for CO2 geological sequestration by evaluating a number of favourable regions in the Sichuan Basin
  • To provide one or two case studies for typical target areas using the key evaluation criteria

Activity Description:

  • Task 1: To establish the screening methods and selection criteria for ranking target areas for COgeological sequestration.
  • Task 2: To investigate and rank target areas in the Sichuan Basin by studying a number of favourable target areas. A target area ranking map will be produced from the study. One or two typical target areas in the Sichuan Basin will be used for the case studies.
  • Task 3: To carry out specific studies using the selected key criteria for selected examples such as structural traps, hydrogeological conditions, reservoir heterogeneity and other parameters.

Expected Outcome:

  • To report on screening methods, selection criteria and ranking of target areas for CO2 geological sequestration with examples from the Sichuan Basin.