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Key Parameters for Environmental Impact and Risk Assessment for CO2 Geological Sequestration

Organisation: Chinese Academy for Environmental Planning & Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences


The aim of the activity, based on the output of CAGS1 Research Project 3, is to investigate the key parameters for the assessment of the risk of COgeological sequestration to the environment.

This will include the assessment scope and methodology, and the indicators for, and scope of, the environmental monitoring program, and the management of monitoring data.

The study will provide a scientific basis for the formulation of strong operational regulations and guidelines to manage COgeological sequestration risks to health, safety and the environment in China.

Activity Description

  • Task 1: To identify the key indicators/criteria for environmental risk assessment of COsaline aquifer sequestration, using case studies of Shenhua's projects in the Ordos region of Inner Mongolia.
  • Task 2: Based on the outcomes of Task 1, to assess the risks to the environment of COsaline aquifer sequestration, focusing on the acceptable level of risk and the risk assessment methodology.
  • Task 3: Based on the results of Tasks 1 and 2, to develop a program for monitoring the impact on and risks to the environment of CO2 saline aquifer sequestration.

Expected Outcome

  • To recommend the acceptable level of risk of COsequestration in saline aquifers based on assessment of the impact on the environment.
  • To recommend the methodology for environmental risk assessment of COsequestration in saline aquifers.
  • To recommend the key elements for the environmental monitoring program for COsequestration in saline aquifers.