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Prefeasibility Study on the Xinjiang Guanghui Fuyun Coal to Gas CCUS Pilot Project

Lead organisation: Xinjiang University

Partner: Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences & Xinjiang Guanghui Fuyun New Energy Co. Ltd.

Lead researcher: Prof Qingsan Shi


  • Conduct a prefeasibility study on a 100kt/a CCUS pilot project for Guanghui Fuyuan, using existing geological data from Zhundong oilfield and design information from Guanghui CTG plant
  • Develop a CCUS development plan for Xinjiang (including R&D programs, roadmaps and policy recommendations), which will be conveyed to local governments and relevant industries through seminars and training courses

Work packages:

WP1: CO2 capture feasibility study
WP2: CO2-EOR storage site and process methods section
WP3: Assessment of environmental, safety and social risks
WP4: Integrated system analysis and policy recommendations


  • A prefeasibility study for the Guanghui Fuyun CCUS pilot project
  • Xinjiang CCUS roadmap and policy recommendations

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