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The Potential of CO2 Geological Utilization and Storage in the Junggar Basin and the Opportunities for Early Demonstration Projects in the Eastern Junggar Region

Lead organisation: Center for Hydrogeology and Environmental Geology Survey, China Geological Survey

Partner: Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Lead researcher: Dr Jianqiang Guo and Dr Yujie Diao


This project will analyse geological conditions of the Junggar Basin to evaluate the basin’s potential and suitability for CO2 geological utilization and storage (CGUS). Suitable CO2-EWR storage sites will be identified, after a comprehensive study of reservoirs characteristics and geological safety. Based on the result from source-sink matching in the eastern Junggar region, early CO2-EWR development opportunities may be proposed to governments and industries.

Work packages:

WP1: Regional potential and suitability evaluation
WP2: CO2-EWR target areas analysis and potential evaluation in the eastern Junggar region
WP3: Source-sink matching and early demonstration opportunities in the Junggar Basin


  • Assessment of the potential and suitability for CCUS in the Junggar Basin
  • Assessment of the potential for CO2-EWR and the potential for early demonstration projects

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