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Workshop 3: Geological Storage of CO₂


The third and final CAGS technical workshop was held in Changchun from the 11th to the 15th of July 2011. This workshop focused on the use and storage of CO2 through Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). 60 delegates from more than 40 Chinese and Australian organisations participated in this event, presenting and sharing knowledge about the latest progress and trends in this area.

CAGS 1 Workshop Participants

CAGS workshop 3 participants

The workshop was divided into five sessions covering aspects of storage of CO2 and EOR including:

  • Overview of CCS: Challenges and Opportunities;
  • CO2 Storage potential, site characterisation and selection;
  • CO2 Storage in Oil Reservoirs and Enhanced Oil Recovery;
  • Risk assessment and monitoring technology;
  • Demonstration projects and legal and regulatory issues.

The PDF from all sessions of this workshop are available online from the link on the top of the page.

Program [PDF 119.8 KB]

Session 1 – Overview of CCS, Challenge and Opportunity

Session 2 – CO2 Storage Potential, Site Characterization

Session 3 - CO2 Storage in Oil Reservoir and Enhanced Oil Recovery

Session 4 – Risk, Safety and Monitoring for CO2 Storage