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Workshop 2: Improving Capability of China for CO₂ Aquifer Storage


The second CAGS workshop was held in Wuhan, China, from 27-29 October 2010. The workshop was organised by the Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and jointly hosted by the Department of Social Development, Ministry of Science and Technology; the Administrative Centre for China¿s Agenda 21; and Geoscience Australia.

More than 60 delegates from 40 Chinese and Australian organisations including academia, government and industry came together to discuss the technical issues associated with storage of CO2 in saline aquifers and share knowledge about the latest progress and trends in the field of CO2 geological storage.

Workshop two participants 

The workshop was divided into five sessions covering aspects of storage of CO2 including:

  • The potential, current status and challenges for saline aquifer storage;
  • Theory and modelling of CO2 aquifer storage;
  • Site characterisation and selection;
  • Safety assessment and monitoring technology;
  • Social issues and CCS projects in China and Australia.

Feedback from participants was very positive. Many were impressed with the program, the organisation and the range of the speakers. 

The PDF from all sessions of this workshop are available online from the link on the top of the page.

Program [PDF 229.7 KB]

Session 1 – Potentials, current status and challenges

Session 2 – Theory and modelling of CO₂ aquifer storage

Session 3 - Site characterization and selection

Session 4 – Safety assessment and monitoring technology