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CAGS CCS School 2


Sanya, China
Sanya, China


The CAGS School 2 on geological storage of CO2 is aimed at Graduate students and early career professionals working in or interested in geological storage of CO2.

The school was held in Sanya, China from 21-25 August 2011. The school covered various aspects of geological storage including:

  1. Climate change background and challenges for CCS
  2. CCS technology overview
  3. Marine geology overview (focusing on offshore sedimentary basins)
  4. Site investigation and characterization of CO2 offshore geological storage
  5. Simulation, analysis and storage capability assessment
  6. Safety assessment and monitoring
  7. Economic and social problems
  8. Project implementation flow and typical examples

Program [PDF 1.1 MB]

All Presentations [ 57.1 MB]

Session 1 – Overview of CO2 Geological Storage

Session 2 – Offshore Geological Storage and Capacity Assessment

Session 3 – Offshore Site Investigation and Engineering

Session 4 – CCS Economics and CCS Readiness

Session 5 – Simulation and Storage Capacity Assessment

Session 6 – Risk/Safety Assessment and Monitoring

Session 7 – Demonstration Projects